All our projects begin with an in-depth survey into the work to be carried out. Also many property purchases now require that a qualified roofer conducts a specific roof survey. We are fully conversant in providing the correct documentation for such a survey. Our expert team will provide you with a detailed and transparent estimate […]
As one of oldest forms of waterproofing, and most widely recycled, lead sheet is a versatile product. Lead Roofs are chosen not only for their beautiful finished look but for the knowledge that you will never have to worry about a leaking roof again, lead roofs last more than 100 years when installed correctly. We […]
Natural slate roofing is, as the name suggests, a natural slate roof and it will last a buildings lifetime when installed correctly. Slating is a traditional skill that has been used in roofing for thousands of years, even dating back to Roman times. Slate roofs offer an aesthetic appeal and have a proven track record […]
Anti-seagull spikes are a humane and cost-effective method of preventing birds from landing on your property. Seagulls usually always perch on the highest points of a property – the ridge, chimney pot or the highest flat ledges. If you prevent them landing on these areas, they will probably abandon the property completely. To stop seagulls […]
The ultimate value for money flat roofing system with a 50+ year proven life expectancy and 20 year guarantee! RUBBERBOND® FleeceBack is a single ply membrane manufactured by Carlisle-Syntec USA, who pioneered EPDM roofing membranes some 50 years ago. It has an established record of superior durability and long-term weather resistance. Assessments of roofing membranes […]
Half of typical home heat is lost via lofts and ultimately through the roof! Insulating in-between rafters or over the top of rafters creates a warm roof structure and thus prevents the heat from escaping. Not only is this an investment into your home and better for the environment but it will reduce your household […]
Our roofing expertise and experience means that we can quickly and inexpensively correct all standard roof problems. Leaks, missing or broken tiles, loose ridge tiles, or a collapsed verge? Whatever the issue, our efficient roof repair service helps to eliminate all your roofing problems. No matter what roof repairs you need, call today for a […]
The Jersey pan tile – when installed correctly is one of the most pleasing to the eye. Granite property is where this reclaimed tile is used most. It has to be graded as there are about 12 different widths and lengths of tile, it goes on the roof 1 row at a time and will […]
Let us take stress out dealing with insurance companies. It’s hard enough when you have damage to your most valuable asset, the last thing you want is to be dealing with the requirements of insurance companies. As part of our service we can and will help you sort the problems out by supplying photographic evidence […]